As well as creating leading conceptual design for our clients, we are also developing our own Intellectual Properties. Our first IP titled "CreeD" has been licensed as an action figure line, a collectible card series, and an animated series.


Twilight Monk is the story of a child born from the heavens, and now cursed by a mysterious shadow magic. He unknowingly let loose a thousand demons, so he must hunt them down and seal them away with the help of his childhood friends. Along the way, they will learn ancient Kung Fulio arts, battle legendary mythical beasts, and hunt demons of chaos in a whimsical fantasy setting.


The Twilight Monk video game is currently under development. No release date has been announced.

Early prototype footage featuring a few of the core mechanics for the game. Watch for updates soon.


The Art of Twilight Monk is a guide to the universe of Speria and contains character bios, history and maps.


Twilight Monk is also a series of novels. The First Novel is scheduled to be released in 2016. Below is a preview of chapter 1.

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