The World of Twilight Monk


The World of Twilight Monk is a compendium focusing on the Eastern Continent of Speria, also known as "The Mystic Lands",

In this book, you will find in depth bios, illustrations, early sketches, orthographic breakdowns of both characters and architecture, and written history for many of the locations visited in the comics and novels. This book also includes maps, location guides and breakdowns and bios for legendary weapons, and mythical beasts.




A Twilight Monk Prequel novel with over 20 illustrations.

It is quite well known that when a child falls from the sky in the land of Speria, they are to be taken to the monastery at Crescent Isle to learn to control their powerful supernatural abilities. Their fate not yet sealed, some of these children are thought to be cursed, outcast from society and deemed to be evil by nature. In the enclosed valley of Tuksa, one such child has just begun his journey.

The Man and the Moonken


When an infant child falls from the sky, the fearful people of the secluded town of Tuksa see him only as a bad omen. It was as if a Minotaur or otherworldly beast had arrived at their doorstep. But when one farmer steps forward to raise him, both of them are outcast from the rest of the village.