Aquatic Moon is always looking for talented writers, artists, modelers and Programmers.


Stylized Concept Artist - You live in the World of Warcraft. You're not interested in photo bashing because you're a craftsman. You bring the color, and the weirdness to the worlds that you create. You fill entire pages with iterations and explorations as your mind glows with too many possibilities. For Halloween you didn't just go as one pokemon, you actually sneak off to "evolve" into it's other forms when no one is looking, and emerge only to unleash your Z power. Last night you dreamed of a city WITHIN the skull of a giant, and you woke up in a frenzy to sketch out as much of it as you could remember. If this sounds like then we want to work with you! Position is full time contract (20-40 hours per week)

Email your portfolio and resume to "with the title "Stylized Concept artist".